The Group Story

149 years ago, on 6th August, 1874 John Elliot Esq. promoted Joonktollee Tea Co. Ltd. to manage the affairs of a small Tea Estate in Upper Assam. In 1920’s the Elliot Clan handed over the management and control to the managing agency of Kettlewell Bullen & Co. Ltd. Subsequently, in the year 1954, the House of BANGURS acquired the managing agency and the Company and brought them under their fold. The name of our Company was changed to “JOONKTOLLEE TEA & INDUSTRIES LIMITED” (JTIL). Since then we have been under the management of the BANGURS. From a leading mark in the Premium Orthodox teas, the Company, changing with the times, is now regarded as one of the Best Assam CTC mark and does have an unstinted track record of the business with the brand.

To capitalize on agro-based opportunities and optimize our returns, the Kalasa Tea Produce Company Limited and Cowcoody Estates Limited were merged with this us on1st April, 2001. Our area of operation was enlarged and diversified, since apart from tea, the transferor Companies also dealt in other plantation crops, viz., coffee, pepper, cardamom, areca, vanilla etc.

To continue with our growth story, we merged with six other Companies and certain assets were transferred to the subsidiaries. In the year 2011, the Cochin Plantation Division of The Cochin Malabar Estate and Industries Limited comprising of Chemoni Pudukad Echipara Rubber Estates and Pullikanam & Kolahalamedu Tea Estates were merged with us leading to greater efficiency and synergy in plantation division.

Today, with a total of 8 estates under the company umbrella, we are the leading producers and suppliers of black Assam teas, Coffee and Rubber in India. To accurately represent our growth to a diversified corporate identity with interests across multiple plantation-based product verticals, we have been rechristened to Shri Vasuprada Plantations Limited, a name that reflects our respect and commitment to Mother Earth, the bestower of abundance and wealth.



To be innovators and creators of the finest products in our category and emerge as the preferred supply partners to THE QUALITY BUYERS IN INDIA AND OVERSEAS. We aim to support a symbiotic business ecosystem that focusses on promoting sustainable practices in our business, encourages intensive research for continuous and sustained development in our manufacturing processes, and fosters a culture of respect towards our people and the environment.


We believe in implementing best practices in environmental sustainability and cruelty-free business processes across all our manufacturing verticals. As an organization whose legacy goes back to more than a century, we aim to respect our roots and proliferate the virtues of respect, humility and solidarity with our people, stakeholders, and the communities we work with.